“The manner of giving is worth more than the gift.” 

 Pierre Corneille

About Us

Like most great ideas, The Giving Box emerged to fill a need in the gifting industry. Despite the wide range of product choices that has only expanded over the years, we found it hard to choose memorable gifts for the people we cared about. Finding the best way to express ourselves during special occasions had become an impossible task, especially with the impersonal products and mementos available to us as “gifts”. 

We wanted gifts to mean something more – to inspire a sense of warmth and fulfilment. The Giving Box was born. We aim to make gifts special for your recipients by supporting the causes important to them. Through our efforts, we’ve helped simplify gift-giving in the most charitable way possible. With all profits going back into charity, giving gifts has never been easier.

Our Story

The Short of it….


Gail (the forever entrepreneur and Brad my husband the retired enginerd) live in Colorado and believe we have solved the age ole question of “what do I buy for someone who has everything or a simple off the shelf gift just won’t do”.  The solution? The Giving Box, it’s more than just a gift. 



The Long of it…

Who doesn’t want to receive a gift in the mail that makes you smile and when you open it, it makes you happy that it isn’t just another sweater, pair of socks or something you can’t use or that just isn’t you at all?  Rather it is something awesome and so different, it’s a Giving Box! 

The Giving Box was born out of a need to help fund our nonprofit (Close To My Heart Photography, Inc., www.closetomyheartphotography.org).  Let me (Gail) tell you the details.  Our nonprofits mission is to offer professional photography to individuals who have been diagnosed with a terminal illness or disabling disease and their families at no cost. It has been a blessing to so many.  As most of the world shut down in 2020 so did the donations to our nonprofit.  As exhausted COVID humans we too have had to think out of the box during the “we are all in this together” discussion on how to be creative in business. 

We came up with the Giving Box. So we said above this is “The Long” not “The Short of it”, so please read on.  Our story is unique in the fact that my spicey enginerd husband is pretty sick with progressive MS.  He’s been wheelchair bound for nearly 15years all while we were raising our two boys whom were very young when Brad was diagnosed. It’s been a journey, but a journey full of teachable moments and character development.  The huge takeaway is that everyone has a story and we want to give back as much as we can in as many ways as we can.  At the Giving Box we want to bring the personal touch back into the tradition of gift-giving. We aim to fill the void in the gifting industry by crafting memorable, meaningful gifts that leave a lasting impression.


So when you give a Giving Box, you are Giving more than just a gift!